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Friday, May 29, 2015

Maslow and Me: Where are You in the Hierarchy of Needs?

This week I'm on a delayed posting schedule. Kind of like the trash pick-up delay after a major holiday. So I guess I'm feeling like trash today. But I will insert a cute photo to cheer myself up.

I'm feeling a little sheepish, like Milo

Okay, I'm not really feeing like trash. But I am feeling a leetle badly. This morning at middle school drop-off, I had one of those brief, silent, car-to-car exchanges with another mom that left a mark. It involved her cutting in front of me to let out her child, which really wasn't bad on her part. It's mayhem in the driveway and parking lot at drop off. However, after that, we all inched along for a few hours (actually minutes, possibly even seconds, but it feels like hours when I'm trying to get out of the lot) and then she stopped. It seemed as if she might be checking her phone. So I switched lanes and went past her. Of course she started up again right then, drew alongside me, and proceeded to shake her head at me with a expression that said, "Oh you uptight bee-atch." I tried to pretend to myself that I switched lanes because I changed my mind about which direction to go, but I had to admit that I was feeling impatient. Probably because she had cut me off to begin with, and because she had a nicer car than mine, and also, too, because I get impatient. Sue me. I'm not fully actualized yet. I spent a good twenty minutes ruminating on this little run-in.

Speaking of actualization, self-actualization, to be specific, I talk about it on my new blog post on Psychology Today. Please click on the link to read about Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs. And me. Of course. And please share the link. The more readers, the better.

Here it is.

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