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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Opting Out or Shut Out?

Hello, Readers. I should've done this before, but better late than never. I had another piece on the Huffington Post. It's about women "opting out" of the workforce and then "opting in" - or trying to.

It's my response to Judith Warner's recent New York Times Magazine article, "The Opt Out Generation Wants Back In."

Ten years ago, Lisa Belkin wrote an article for the New York Times about a group of well-connected women educated at elite colleges and universities who had decided to step away from full-time corporate careers to focus on raising their children. These women were "opting-out" of the high-powered working world, despite their feminist upbringings, because their careers were incompatible with raising children and "having a life" outside of work. In my sweat pants and with my small children hanging on my ankles, I related to this article. Some may ask why, since I had never held any kind of high-paying, high-profile corporate job.

Read it here!

Sheesh, my self-promoting skills kind of suck, don't they?

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