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Saturday, September 28, 2013

12 Things I Did Instead of Write a Blog Post

I’m in one of those phases when I feel like a chicken trying to fly.  I can do it, but my flight is ungainly, bottom heavy, and awful low to the ground. I’m not a 5’8” leggy ectomorphic, um, eagle – I am a chicken. A chicken that doesn’t seem to get very far.  When I feel like a chicken, I have learned to take stock of what I’ve been doing. Take stock, I said, Readers, not make stock.

So. Here’s a baker's dozen things I did instead of writing a blog post this week.
  1. Read a lot of essays by E. B. White.
  2. Decided my blog needs video.
  3. Went out to lunch with two great friends and discussed my worries about my children.
  4. Noticed how weird and fake I sound on video, and that I purse my lips most schoolmarmlike.
  5. Deleted many, many videos of myself talking about success.
  6. Decided I need collagen in my schoolmarmlike lips.
  7. Bought a crazy wrap that can be a dress, a skirt, a vest, a cape – but will not make me a 5’8” leggy ectomorph.
  8. Obsessed over my vast expanse of forehead.
  9. Had a complementary consultation with a decorator from Calico Corners.
  10. Had delicious corn chowder with a friend and discussed our worries about our children.
  11. Listened to a terrific interview with Billy Jean King and drafted a post about it.
  12. Queried an agent with a book proposal.
  13. Attempted to pick a fight with the husband, who would have none of it.

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