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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Update - Includes Advice From An Expert

Here’s what’s going on around here:

  • My neck. I have this skin cancer on my neck and it’s not going away until Feb. 22nd, when the plastic surgeon can take it off. No one is concerned about this skin cancer on my neck except me. So I am concerned enough for all of them. My concern about my skin cancer on my neck can stretch to envelop the concern not shared by the husband, the dermatologist, the dermatologist’s nurse, the receptionist at the plastic surgeon, and the plastic surgeon. Although he did say it isn’t something you’d want to leave alone. Which statement would have sent me scrabbling in my purse for a stray Xanax, if I’d remembered I might have one. My ability to recall this potential savior was blocked by the enormous wave of concern this statement by the plastic surgeon loosed within me. Yes, my concern is flexible and expanding, like a mother’s love flexes and expands to encompass each new child. 

  • Speaking of a mother's love: The senior. Apparently college application deadlines weren’t the last time the applicant had to communicate with her schools. Now we’ve entered the stage when, apparently, the applicant is expected to ping these schools with updates on her awards, grades, and activities. I thought we were going to be allowed to just pretend there was nothing going on until late March when the notifications will come out, but no, apparently, there is no rest for the stressed. 

  • Speaking of the Senior: Externalization:
Externalization is a technical term describing how teenagers sometimes manage their feelings by getting their parents to have their feelings instead. In other words, they toss you an emotional hot potato. 

I am pretty sure I’ve been juggling hot potatoes for the last couple of months. Now I understand.  I’m going to buy this book by Lisa Damour.

There’s a short interview with her on this website. 

  • On the plus side, I’ve been working on the draft of my book and that’s going well. 
  • I'm excited about Einstein's gravitational waves proving to be true. 

Have a nice weekend, catch those hot potatoes, and for heaven’s sake, wear sunscreen. 

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